Lyubasha variety

Original Lyubasha garlic variety was initially discovered by Zakharenko Ivan Ivanovich on a desert field in the city of Molochansk, Zaporizhzhia region, which has not been cultivated for many years. The newly discovered wild garlic heads turned out to be big, unusually good-looking and tasting like chili pepper. Mr. Zakharenko kept several heads of wild garlic as a seed material for the next season and was surprised to see that it survived over the winter and spring season and has not changed over the time – as if it has just been harvested. These two bulbs became the starting point for the development of a new and most popular garlic variety, which Mr. Zakharenko called “Lyubasha”

In 2008 Lyubasha garlic variety was registered in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine. Since that time quality Lyubasha garlic became the most desired variety for many garlic growers due to its perfect characteristic common for garlic. Lyubasha is highly resistant to cold and drought climate conditions and is well preserved over 9-11 months period without any loss of marketable condition and taste. Due to relatively high content of essential oils in Lyubasha garlic, it has unique pungent, spicy flavor, as well as taste saturation and aroma.

In addition to that, Lyubasha is characterized by unique germinative power. Therefore, it is one of the few varieties that grow well in the Caucasus region, Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries. Dry solids content reaches 42% making it possible for the garlic to be stored over the long period of time. Mr. Zakharenko grows Lyubasha without irrigation with an average yield of 6-12 tons per hectare, while we are aware of unique Baltic farmers’ experience who managed to harvest 24 tons per hectare.

What is important for growing Lyubasha garlic? Favorable temperatures, good and rich soil and timely implementation of all agrotechnological measures. Mr. Zakharenko emphasizes that for better yields the garlic has to be planted until October 15th – this allows the green mass to develop up to 30 cm above the ground preventing it from being freezed over the winter.

Garlic Seeds Plant has signed the license agreement with Mr. Zakharenko, which gives us a right to grow and distribute original Lyubasha garlic seeds. It is important to note that we grow Lyubasha garlic in close cooperation and under the supervision of Mr. Zakharenko, and we also use pure original and breeding seeds obtained directly from the Mr. Zakharenko land plots.

We offer our clients original Lyubasha garlic seeds – bulbils (aerial bulbs), cloves and heads.

Variety characteristics

  • Hardneck variety
  • Length of vegetation period – 90-115 days
  • Colour: leaves are dark green (45-60 cm lenth and 5 cm width) with average wax farina
  • Bulb: rounded, aveage weight at 90-110 gr, white collar with violet lines
  • Head contains 4-6 cloves
  • Pulp is juicy, dense, taste is spicy
  • Yield – 10 t / ha, marketable value – high