Ptometei variety

Prometei variety was created in Uman National Horticultural University using the method of multiple clonal selection from varietal specimen. The author of Prometei variety is a well-known and famous Professor V.I. Likhatsky

Prometei is a middle-aged variety resistant to cold climate conditions.

Garlic Seeds Plant has signed the license agreement with Uman National Horticultural University, which gives us a right to grow and distribute original Prometei garlic seeds.

We offer our clients original Prometei garlic seeds – bulbils (aerial bulbs), cloves and heads

Variety characteristics

  • Hardneck variety
  • Length of vegetation period – 105-115 days
  • Colour: 8-9 dark green leaves with notable wax farina
  • Bulb: rounded, aveage weight at 40-50 gr, white collar with light violet lines
  • Head contains 5-7 cloves
  • Yield – 8-9 t / ha